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Registered: 31/07/09
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Hi Newbie here,


Does anybody know what ST 37 steel is? What is it used for?


Any help would be much appreciated.




Registered: 25/08/09
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Hello, James,

we all have been beginners sometimes.

ST 37 is an outdated german name for a carbon STeel with 370 kp/mm² tensile strength. Below some additinal information (in german you will unserstand it):

Bezeichnung /        St 37-2
Kurzname nach
DIN 17 100

material number       1.0037

yield strength  ReH, min.
for diameter <= 16 mm  235 N/mm²

for diameter > 16 mm 225 N/mm²

You will find more here: ->

Clemens Garbracht


Registered: 31/07/09
Posts: 2
Thanks very much for the info Clemens. I like your website - good steel news.
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